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Approval procedures for environmental permits and construction permits

  • project management for the speeding up of application procedures required by immission control law
  • advice on environmental impact assessment (EIA) issues
  • documentation of preliminary environmental impact assessment
  • preparation of environmental impact statement (EIA report)
  • advice and documentation of preliminary "Flora Fauna Habitats" assessment
  • advice on "Flora Fauna Habitats" survey (according to article 6 FFH-directive)
  • coordination and guidance of experts
  • supporting the relevant authorities to speed up approval procedures

Approval procedures for subsidies, in particular EU applications

  • advice and support for notification of state aid, for industrial projects
  • advice and support for large project applications, with regard to ERDF
  • advice and support for state aid for investment and in terms of qualification, R&D and environmental aid
  • precise coordination of complex subsidy procedures and obtaining a Letter of Intent
  • advice and review of specialist state aid issues (e.g. qualification as a single investment project according to regional aid guidelines; SME-status of the company involved; EU-notification of state aid)
  • optimisation of the state aid composition
  • applications at the funding banks/institutions of the states in Germany and at the Federal Level
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